Krasey Fit (Food)- A Yonanas Review

Often will be the times I venture into food-related fitness posts, and this my dears will be one of said times. In an effort to satisfy my unrelenting yen for frozen yogurt, health and fitness-obsessed me has ventured into homemade territory, with a machine called Yonanas. Frozen confections of the banana variety have never been this easy to create, and here is why you need to have them, and the machine, in your life, too.
Yonanas is basically a machine that creates rich, dense, creamy, ice-cream like treats, with only a couple of frozen bananas required. For those who are a bit more inventive than I, the sky is truly the limit on flavor combinations. Chocolate peanut butter banana, strawberry banana, and banana coconut are just a few of the flavor options that you can create with the help of this nifty little machine. Simply freeze the ‘nanas, crank up the machine, and throw said bananas in. A few minutes later, and there is a frozen flavor party in my mouth. Best of all, there is no added sugar, and none of that fattening or chemical stuff. Just pure, healthy, unadulterated yumminess.
You can find Yonanas both straight from the website, and on HSN.

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