Kicking Class, or Beauty School is in Session with Benefit Cosmetics

Summer is here, which for some of you (teens and twenty-somethings, I’m looking at you) means that school is out, too. Well allow me to get you back into that educational mindset, with some good old fashioned learning of the beauty variety. In case you all haven’t figured it out already, I’ve become slightly obsessed with all things Benefit Cosmetics. Happily, I was recently invited to an event where Benefit and Sephora’s own pro artist Gilbert helped both myself and my fellow members of the press get our learn on.
Newly launched from Benefit Cosmetics is a series of Complexion and Lip and Cheek Kits, designed to give you the lowdown and rundown of all the beauty you will ever need. First up, Professor Maggie (yes, the Maggie of Benefit) introduced us to the How to Look the Best at Everything kit, a complexion kit offered in three shade variations (light, medium, dark), that address all skincare woes, from uneven tone to dark circles. Included in this adorable storybook kit are Porefessional, Hello Flawless liquid foundation, Boi-ing (in two shades!), and Hello Flawless Powder. Oh, and for those who are cosmetically clueless, handy dandy instructions are included in each pack.
What fun would a complexion kit be, without some great lip and cheek kits to go with them. Fully in line with Sephora’s educational, and Benefit’s fun-filled philosophy, the three new lip and cheek kits are designed to be mixed and matched to cosmetic perfection. These kits are Sugarlicious, Go Tropicoral, and Feelin’ Dandy (which is exclusive to Sephora), and each kit has its own unique blend of colors, with instructions on how to apply, of course. All in all, a winning combination from the Benefit Cosmetics school of beauty.
No more teachers, no more books, and with Benefit Cosmetics, no more dirty looks. From the cute packaging, to the stellar products, Benefit gives us all a whole lot to love, and learn about. Look for these new kits online at Sephora on July 31st, and in Sephora stores August 1st.

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