Hourglass No 28 Serum- Primed and Ready to Go

It’s prime-time, folks. In my ongoing pursuit of a more perfect makeup application, I’ve embraced the latest and greatest from krasey favorite- Hourglass Cosmetics. The new No. 28 Serum is kind of epic in a major way. Continue on through the post to find out why.
Not content to simply a put a primer out there, No. 28 is a certified serum, packed with 28 (hence, the name) different key ingredients. With 14 essential oils, 10 lipid-rich plant oils, and 4 vitamins, No. 28 is ready and willing to give your skin a whole lot of loving. Want to know what those ingredients are? Well, we’ve got lavender, geranium, rose geranium, vanilla, clove, orange peel, amyris, lemon peel, petitgrain, eucalyptus, rosemary leaf, bois de rose, cedar leaf, ylang ylang, jojoba, rose hips seeds, evening primrose, hazelnut, borafe seed, kukui nut, sweet almond, green tea, olive, cherry pit, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Phew, is that a mouth (palm)full!
Upon applying this magical potion to my skin, my skin is not only smoother (thats the primer aspect, obviously), but is also revived and moisturized, appearing plumper in the process. Yes, this product is pricey, but one small pump can cover the entire surface of my face. A worthy product, indeed.
Hourglass Cosmetics’ No. 28 Serum is available both online, and at a local Sephora (Bergdorf, or Barneys!) near you.

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