Hanes Fashion is Where It’s At

When I say Hanes, what do you immediately think of?
If you answered men’s undershirts, you’re thinking is along the same lines as mine was, up until oh, a couple of week’s ago. I was recently given the opportunity to preview the new look of Hanes, and trust me when I say that they have so much more than undershirts. We’re talking tee shirts, sports shirts, graphic tees, and contemporary fashion staples, that people will want to get close to. Oh and ladies, these aren’t just for the boys. I have it on good authority that the contemporary cut (read: slim fit) tees are something you are going to want to keep in your closet, too.
One can say that these past few seasons in fashion trends have shown us a certain move back to basics. That is, an emphasis on staple pieces that fit with virtually every item in your wardrobe, no matter the trend it exemplifies. It isn’t reaching to say that the classic tee is not only a staple, but a fashion necessity as versatile as the hair on your head. Hanes has been doing it the longest, and by all means they have also been doing it the best. A household name, clearly Hanes is doing something right.
You can find Hanes virtually anywhere, though my favorite spots are Target, and Kohl’s.

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