DevaSpa Fire & Ice Facial, Reviewed

Black and White
Yin and Yang
Fire and Ice
How is it that two elements that are so monumentally different can come together and form one cohesive whole that is so beautiful, so blissful, that one will want to immerse themselves deeply in that wholeness? Maybe it’s luck, or maybe it’s magic, but certain dichotomies just work. I am talking of course about the signature Fire and Ice Facial, a skincare treat to be had at SoHo’s very own, DevaSpa.
Invited by the lovely team at DevaSpa to try their newest, I arrived on the scene both hopeful, and in desperate need of some skin-care and relaxation. Just under two hours later, I left the scene a happy, mellow blob with amazing skin. Read on for the in-between.
My aesthetician, Rita, explained to me that the entire 90 minute facial process would comprise of the application of many different products, producing very different sensations, two of them being extreme cold on my face (that’s the ice part), and hot tingling (that’s fire, obviously). As Rita massaged a slew of different deliciously scented natural products into my facade (cleanser, fruit extract peel, etc), I couldn’t help but nearly doze off, not once, but twice. But alas, the dozing period didn’t last, for it was towards the middle where things got interesting.
Rita applied a frigid serum of 20% concentrate vitamin C, which felt both chilly and refreshing, and certainly woke me up. Things got even more interesting when the fire portion of the exercise came into play. Rita applied a mask made of a special material onto my skin, which activated the Vitamin C and caused a hot, tingling sensation as she pressed it into my face all over. While the feeling was definitely hot and tingling, by no means was it unbearable, so fear not potential fire and ice-rs. While the mask did its magic, I was of course treated to a hand, arm and decollette massage, which felt heavenly to my workout battered body. After cleansing off the mask, and tucking me back in, Rita then massaged a plant stem cell serum into my skin, followed by moisturizer. 90 minutes later, my skin glowed brighter than ever. No redness, no sensitivity, no splotchiness- just radiant, glowing skin. Seriously, my skin went from a 6 or 7 to a 10.
It does deserve mentioning that I opted to do my facial sans extractions. Why? Because I personally don’t like them. For those who are interested in trying the facial (and I know you have to be after reading this review), just know that an extraction is part of the treatment.
The Fire & Ice Facial is available exclusively at DevaSpa, at 425 Broome Street in Soho. To book your appointment, please call 646-454-4300

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