Sultra Extensions Reviewed

There’s a party going on boys and girls, and the destination is your glossy mane. Gone are the feather trends of yesteryear, and in their place stands a whole other concept, the bright hair extension.
One of my favorite hair tool brands, Sultra always brings the awesome with a line of heat tools and styling products designed to style my hair perfect. Now, they have launched a bright hair extension that brings the fun, on the quick and easy.
Now you all know I love me a good purple and pink, so naturally I had to get in on the violet and fuschia extension action. Not like I didn’t have purple hair glued in for four months, or anything. Anywho, these extensions clip in with the greatest of ease, and wear like iron until I decide to remove them.
Sultra’s newest hair extensions are a party for your tresses. Find your favorite flavor, online or at your local Sephora.

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