Stylers for your Hair

Ghd straighteners have become a cult product since they have some of the best hair straighteners around, but there are a number of stylers to choose from depending on your hair type and needs.

GHD’s The IV styler is the original and most well known styler in the ghd range. It has thin ceramic plates and a rounded barrel which means that it creates curls, waves and straight hair simply and easily. The ceramic barrels maintain their heat throughout the plate which means they won’t burn or singe your hair. They also heat up and cool down very quickly. Another useful feature is the fact that if you leave them unattended for a period of time they switch themselves off, so there is no more getting on the bus or train to work and worrying that you have left your straighteners on! ghd IV salon styler If you have very curly or particularly unruly, thick or long hair then the IV styler may not be for you. However, ghd has come to the rescue with the IV salon styler. The plates are wider than the normal IV styler, which means it is quicker and easier to style long or unruly hair. What’s more, the wide plates and its rounded barrel mean it is easy to create big bouncy curls quickly and easily. It has the same great functions as the IV styler such as the automatic shut off. ghd IV mini styler If you have short hair or want to straighten your fringe it can be difficult to maneuver a regular sized ghd styler through your hair. But with the IV mini styler you get the same great functions as you do with an IV styler or an IV salon styler but it has smaller plates which makes its perfect for shorter hair as well as men’s hair.

And another fun fact. The rounded barrel of the smaller plates also makes the IV mini styler perfect for creating tight corkscrew curls.

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