Make Up For Ever New Summer Additions Reviewed

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams
I brought you the sneak peek exclusive just a few short weeks ago, but now it is time to break it all down, so to speak, and give you an in-depth look into Make Up For Ever’s newest Aqua Cream Shades and Eye Primer. I’m a Make Up For Ever FANATIC, but this you already knew. Obviously, it goes without saying that I live and breathe the brand, and adore each and every single new addition that they rain upon us. With so much summer awesome, I’m nearly hyperventilating!
Already a staple in my cosmetic wardrobe, Aqua Creams are those workhorse products that offer up intense, waterproof color in a cream that wears forever and ever (and ever and ever).
Now, they have launched a total of four new colors, one of which happens to be a reformulation of a color already permanent abroad. Some of you may recall that I was lucky enough to snag a purple Aqua Cream (number 19) when it launched in the boutique not too long ago (and before they pulled it off the shelves, shhhh), and now, the US masses can enjoy it too, for it has been reformulated so that it complies with US regulations.
19 on left, 26 on right
Also brand new, a trio of pearly shades: sky blue, yellow, and lime green. Each one is GORGEOUS, and an absolute must-have in your collection.
Another new addition, Eye Prime is without a doubt one of the most amazing eye primers that I have ever tried. It puts other brands to shame, with its ability to keep my shadows in place for the LONG HAUL. I love it, I adore it, and I would marry it if I could.
Swatched 23-25
Swatched 19 and 26
Make Up For Ever rocks my socks, in every sense of the word. Find these awesome new additions, all at your local Sephora.

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