LUSH Gets a Facelift

Let’s play a word association game, boys and girls. When I say LUSH, you think what?
If you answered awesome, amazing, splendiferous, or fantasmagorical, than your thinking is definitely in line with mine.
Now when I say LUSH shop, what do you think? If you say overwhelming (in a I don’t know which awesome product to try first kind of way), I may have agreed with you just a few short days ago. Happily, my local LUSH (that’s the one in Union Square, in case you’re wondering) has had a major facelift, and it really is kind of epic. Clearly laid out, user-friendly, and packed with all of the same amazing goodies as before, the new look of LUSH is all kinds of wonderful. But don’t take my word for it, stop by and check it out for yourself. I have it on good authority that many more stores like it are on the way, including the shop in Herald Square.
Along the lines of out with the old, and in with the new, several exclusive re-launches are also being cranked out. Who here is a fan of Washday Greens Shampoo, Pineapple Grunt Soap, Slammer Shower Gel, and Potion Body Lotion? Well folks, you’re in luck, for those are exactly what I’m showing you here. These little gems you can find only online, right now, at
This beauty blogger is a LUSH fan, and shopper, for life. Who here shares my sentiments? Show of hands, people!

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