Fragrance Friday- Benefit Crescent Row, See and Be Seen Sasha

I know what you are all thinking- where the heck have all of your fragrance friday posts gone? Well, it is with a bit of sheepishness that I admit that I have stuck myself in a rut, blindly reaching for the same fragrances day in and day out. Not because I am uninspired, or lacking in decadent scents, but because I have just been to lazy to try something new. Leave it to Benefit, that cheeky little San Francisco beauty brand, to shake things up for me, and give me the opportunity to try the newest addition to their Crescent Row Fragrance series- the deliciously flora See and Be Seen Sasha.
So who is Sasha, and why do you want to smell like her? Sasha is bold, Sasha is daring, Sasha is gorgeous, and Sasha is… welll… kind of fierce (sorry Bey). Sasha is the girl in the club with all the guys surrounding her, completely oblivious of the attention she is getting as she parties it up with her girls. Sasha is also the same girl who rocks out in her convertible, top down and music blasting, singing at the top of her lungs. All in all, Sasha is the girl we all want to be.
The scent is classified as a captivating floral, which in my opinion has a slight flair for the exotic. The top notes boast orange flower, apricot, and freesia, while the middle notes waft ylang ylang, tiare flower, white peony, and jasmine. At the bottom, or heart of the fragrance, resides soft and sensual notes of crystal amber, liquid musk, and sweet vanilla. What I get is strong hints of fruity florals, which just so happen to be my favorite.
Oh, and let’s discuss the bottle for just one moment. I may not have mentioned this yet, but this is my first experience with the Benefit scents, and I am quite pleased (as punch) to report that the bottle for the fragrance is just as fun as their other beauty product packages. The bottle is shaped like a miniature golden martini shaker, with a brightly splashed colorful label with the name of the scent done up in vintage fonts. The bottle is also the perfect size for stowing into my gym bag, for post gym-session freshening.
Benefit’s latest fragrance- Sasha, is available now, both online and at a Sephora near you.

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