Compression Garments: Combining Fashion and Wellness

Decades ago, during the Victorian Era, a tiny waist and a supported bosom were possible but also painful. Today, however, combining fashion and support does not have to be a lethal prospect. With the introduction of fashionable support wear, rethink and revitalize are the two main keywords for garments that are good for your health and for your body as well. RejuvaHealth, makers of fabulous, fashion-forward compression garments understands this. While there are several women’s garments that come to mind in the category of feeling good and looking good there are three that stand out above the rest:

Compression Pantyhose

Just as form must meet function in architecture, form must meet fashion when it comes to compression pantyhose. Back in our grandmother’s day, compression pantyhose served only one purpose – to provide support. Today, thankfully, women everywhere can get that much-needed support while gaining fabulous style as well. There are many reasons why compression garments are necessary from varicose veins and improved circulation to simply standing up all day on the job. These pantyhose can provide the needed relief while putting forth fashion statements as well. Women can choose these pantyhose in a bevy of styles, from leopard and lace to basic black and opaque. With these undergarments, there is no need for pain, only room for the pleasure of looking good and feeling great.

Knee High Compression Socks

Knee high compression socks offer many benefits. They alleviate tension from standing on your feet all day, reduce swelling and inflammation, and give your calf an overall feeling of exhilarating energy throughout your day. Medically speaking, knee high compression socks are a must-have for many. Moreover, speaking from a fashion point of view, these socks are a must-have for your fashion wardrobe as well.


Leggings are a multi-functional component of fashion. They can go underneath a skirt, worn as stockings underneath a dress, or worn alone with a loose, oversized top. Not only are leggings fashion-forward, they are beneficial to your health in many ways. When wearing compression leggings, you will obtain the benefit of medically necessitated support, alleviating of swelling, increased circulation, and a micro-massage as well. Not only are compression leggings good for your well-being, they come in many styles and colors as well as fashionable patterns.

Wellness begins with wearing the proper medical garment for the appropriate ailment. An overall sense of well-being comes from wearing that special garment and wearing it in style to boot.

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