Comic Genius- Benefit’s New PoreFessional

When it comes to beauty campaigns that raise the proverbial roof, few brands do it better than Benefit Beauty. In a stroke of comic genius, literally, the cult favorite beauty brand has launched The Porefessional Primer, complete with its very own comic book heroine- SpyGal. Let’s discuss, shall we?
In a collaboration with Marvel Comics, Benefit has created not only a heroine to admire, but also an exclusive comic book to enjoy. The adventures of SpyGal is a self-proclaimed comic strip style comic book tale of “thrills, spills, and espionage, and this beauty blogger thinks the whole concept is kind of awesome”. Even better, SpyGal’s weapons of choice is what else, a pore-zapping gun. Love it!
As for The Porefessional Primer, this is one kick-@ss primer that eliminates the appearance of large, unsightly pores. Fun fact- did you know that as we age, the loss of elasticity in our skin causes our pores to expand? In order to combat that unsavory affect, Benefit’s Porefessional employs the use of silicone to fill in the holes, so to speak, giving the illusion of smooth, blemish-less skin. I’ve always enjoy scent in my products, so I think it goes without saying that I enjoy the fresh fragrance this primer carries. I also love the way it feels on my skin.
Get in on the SpyGal action, and kick large pores to the curb with Benefit’s Porefessional Primer.

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