Zoya Beach Collection, an Introduction with Swatches

Zoya Summer Beach Collection
Summer is coming, the sunshine is shining, and it’s time to celebrate! Forget about the Beach Boys, ladies and gents, and instead say hello to Zoya’s new girl band, the Beach Girls. This summer, they will be cranking out the good feelings in abundance, with their bright, bubbly, feel-good vibrations. Here, we have an exclusive interview with the up-and-comers. Let’s see what they have to say!
Emcee: welcome ladies! Let’s get the party started with a round of intros. Why don’t you tell us who you are and one fact about yourself?
My name is Lara, but you can call me feisty
I’m Reagan, and I’m pretty in pink
Hey, it’s Shelby
They call me Arizona
What’s up, it’s Tracie
Wednesday is my name, and cool blue is my game
Ladies, where do you draw your inspiration from?
Arizona: From the beach, of course! We are all about warm temperatures, sunny skies, and happy moments!
Favorite Activity?
Lara: Surfing!
Last question: Where can we find you?
Group: We just launched officially on the Zoya website. Be sure to check us out there!
And there you have it folks, Zoya‘s Beach Girls!

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