Whisking In the Whimsy with the Pixi Tinkerbell Collection

PixiGlow Tinkerbell Collection
This spring, Pixi Beauty is bringing the fun and fancy back into beauty, with a collection inspired by everyone’s favorite fairy, Tinkerbell. It’s all about thinking like Tink, with this melange of bright, light, whimsical beauty products. This is a collection that screams fun!
Immediately, the packaging draws you in with its awesomeness, all done up in Tink’s signature green. The star of the show, the Fairy Face Palette, has anything and everything you could ever want or need to apply your makeup. From shadows, to blush, and lipcolor too, this is a workhorse palette that brings light, texture, and definition to girlish faces.
Magic Tink Tint
Fairy Dust
As for the various accoutrements, you can also find in this collection everything from a shadow pencil, to liner, and even sparkle dust and nail polish. Truly, a comprehensive collection, with everything product being a star in its own right.
My favorite of the products, besides the palette of course (you know I love me a good palette!) has to be the polish, which is a shade of sparkling pink so bright, that it makes my whiter-than-milky skin look tan. Observe!
Some more swatches:
Liner, Shadow Pencil, Fairy Dust, Tink Tint
Pixi brings the fun this spring season. Seriously, make like a fairy, and flutter over to the Pixi website to check out this awesome collection.

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