Spring Is the Season For Jewels

As we now move into the thick of spring the flowers are beginning to bloom, clothing is becoming a little more loose and a little more skimpy. This is the ideal time of year to show off your jewelry. There’s just something about this time of year, when our skin is visible again after a long cold winter, that just beckons beautiful, glistening jewels. Everyone one has their favorite—diamond engagement rings being the popular choice, of course, as we move into wedding season. But beyond diamonds, there’s a few other wonderful stones that deserve notice, as they can really spice up an outfit and mesh well with spring galas and formals.

One of my favorite jewels is labradorite. This is a feldspar mineral that has a kind of special geometry to it, due to its having three directions of cleavage. It is known for its incredible diversity of colors that seem to be anchored in blue-green flashes of brilliance. Goes great with with silver!

Another great gemstone is the emerald, which—surprise, surprise—is May’s birthstone. Green by nature, this beryl mineral has a unique composition of chromium and vanadium. I don’t know what it is about the radiant hue these minerals produce, but it is nothing short of magical. It kind of looks like the mixture between a green tropical ocean and kryptonite. Only this kryptonite only weakens mediocre fashion. Emeralds have been worn for hundreds of years, and May is the most natural month to don them.

Aquamarine is another derivative of the mineral beryl. More turquoise in color, this gem of a gem ranges from pale green to solid blue. They pair well with other gemstones and as nuggets or rondelles go well with green peridot too.

Another interesting stone, the citrine, is a variety of quartz whose color generally comes in as pale yellow or slightly brown. If you can find a natural citrine, buy it and proudly wear it. Naturals are hard to find, as many store-bought ones are actually amethysts.

These are just my personal favorite spring-time stones. There are dozens of other breathtaking gems that can complement your garments as necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings or even just studs lining a dress. Spring is the season of rebirth—this year I challenge you to re-imagine your fashion sense with gemstones!

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