Of Fashionable Equations, and the White Hot Color Blocking Trend with Rock and Republic at Kohl’s

Here’s a fashion equation for all of you: White + Bold Pops of Color = White Hot Color Blocking Trend

Readers, friends, fashion aficionados, I have seen the Kohl’s (white) light. Recently put to task to find the perfect outfit that highlights the white hot whites trend for spring and summer, my mission as a I chose to accept it was to create a look exhibiting the trend with products from none other than Kohl’s. Read on to learn more about my findings!

This spring, one of the biggest trends is color blocking with white. Color blocking is of course pairing complimentary colors with one another, in a complete outfit; and seriously, what better color to color block around then a mixture of all the colors- white?

I approached my local Kohl’s with a mission in mind, and came out way on top. I must be honest, I have never shopped at Kohl’s before, but I feel all of that is about to change. The store was not only huuuge, but packed to the gills with cute things. Holy fashion forward, Batman, do they have some amazing stuff!

My keen eye led me on a beeline straight for the Rock and Republic section, where I immediately grabbed the outfit you see here. I am both styling and profiling with this cool ultramarine chiffon shirt in a color Kohl’s cheekily calls Surf the Web, this light silver lamé crinkled tank, matching ultramarine suede heels, and of course, my white boot cut Rock and Republic jeans.  This complete Rock and Republic for Kohl’s look is not only at the height of the white color blocking trend, but it is also as cute as it is versatile and comfortable. These pieces flatter my short curvy self perfectly, and that’s a fact.  I can definitely see myself rocking these pieces both together and individually, on the regular. Dressed up or dressed down, these are staples that will go the distance and back again.

As an aside, I must mention that I also picked up this bright embellished orangey red linen blazer, because I go weak in the knees for these sorts of things.

Oh, before I forget! Did I mention that every single piece that I purchased was on sale? According to my receipt, I saved over $140 on the pieces I purchased. Not a bad day for a currently unemployed fashion-forward blogger like me. Yep, Kohl’s WINS.

Here is a final equation for you all:

(Awesome Finds + Hotter than Hot Trends) – Lofty Prices = Kohl’s

Be sure to check out your local Kohl’s, and get in on the white color blocking trend a.s.a.p. Trust me, you’ll like what you find.

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