Match-Makers: Butter London Polish and Lippy

Butter London Polish and Lippy Collection
My lips match my tips, and I did it aaaallll by myself.
Yummy Mummy
In an effort to streamline my life, I find myself embracing products that shorten the amount of time it takes to get from point A (disheveled) to point B (primed and ready to take on the world). Ensuring that I don’t take on the world a mismatched mess, Butter London has launched a series of lip glosses appropriately named Lippy, in shades that are an exact match to some of their best selling nailpolishes. Well, color me excited!
Teddy Girl
We already know and love Butter London for their great nail polishes, and the two shades that I got to play with here are Yummy Mummy and Teddy Girl. Both apply smoothly, and wear beautifully with their creamy, shiny finish. Both also pave the way for their matchy matchy lippies.
The glosses themselves are ultra glossy, and slightly tacky, to ensure that the color stays on your lips longer than a traditional gloss would. The shades are of course spot on matches for their polish cousins, hooray! What’s fun about this whole matching concept is that it helps to bring a look together, because you are taking two separate areas and matching them by color. It’s also a great conversation piece, so who won’t love that. I love this whole matching idea, and truly hope that more brands embrace the concept.
Some swatches:
Matching has never ever been this easy. Butter London nail polish and Lippy are both available on the Butter London website.

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