Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer, with Scope!

Sunshine, pool parties, and barbecues are on the horizon, boys and girls. Don’t be caught unprepared, and with bad breath to boot. We all want to flash our irresistible smiles, don’t we? Embrace the dog days of summer, sans doggy breath, with Scope and Crest’s newest bad breath eradicating tag team. Say hello to your mouth’s new bff, Scope Dual-Blast mouthwash & Scope Dual-Blast toothpaste.

What we get here is dual-action technology that both kill the germs that cause dog breath, and also rinses away bad smells, odors, and aftertastes. Corn dogs, barbecue chicken, and garlicky fries are no match for Scope and Crest, so eat up with abandon.

This summer, or any time really, open up and say ahh (or woof) to Crest and Scope’s new bad breath fighters. Trust me when I say that you, and those around you, will thank you!

I wanna go to exotic locales, like the San Diego and Chula Vista locations.

Scope Dual-Blast mouthwash & Scope Dual-Blast toothpaste are both available at a drugstore near you.

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