On John Frieda Hair Tools, and Letting Your Hair Down

As a girl with problematic, hard-to-manage hair, I must admit that it isn’t easy for me to let my hair down too often. Despite the obvious difficulties I have styling my hair, I am not averse to trying something new once in a while. Enter John Frieda, with a couple of brand new additions to his styling tools line that are designed to bring enviable hair on the cheap and easy.

At a recent event, I had the opportunity both to see these new tools in action, and also witness the performance stylings of the gals and guy of the Trapeze School New York. As I watched those gals (and one guy) swing to and fro, somersaulting in the air and generally defying gravity, I couldn’t help but appreciate the connection between flying in the air, and my own loose hair blowing in the wind.

The tools, in case you were wondering, are both conducive to finishing up any hair style. The first is a new setting system- the John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Setter, and it comes with five 2 inch rollers to impart both loose waves and volume into otherwise bland hair.

The second noteworthy new addition is the Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, for hair finishing. Basically a round brush on steroids, this styler is part blowdryer part hairbrush, and is designed to add the finishing touches to any at-home blowout.

Both tools are effective, easy to use, and completely affordable costing a mere $49.99 and $39.99, respectively. Well played, John Frieda.

Let your hair down, and get in on the new John Frieda hair tools collection, available at drugstores nationwide.

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