Massage Bliss Found, at the DevaSpa at Devachan

Ladies and gentlemen, I have recently experienced spa enlightenment. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was invited over to the DevaSpa at Devachan in Soho, NYC, to experience one of their signature massages. I arrived tight, tense, and just slightly curmudgeony, and floated out a relaxed pile of amorphous goo. Read on for more details on how the DevaSpa turned my day around.

As far as days go, it was pretty standard issue. I headed into the city for appointments, attended a couple of events, and saw a few familiar faces in the process. Of course I was wearing heels, and of course I had to run from location to location, leaving me with pain, and plenty of it. Now my back is already kind of a mess due to an accident last year, but couple that with running around, and you have me, kind of in knots. I entered the DevaSpa’s serene atmosphere hoping for a miracle, and got one.

The process began with a quick change into towel, robe, and flip-flops, in the spa’s well-appointed change room (which comes complete with showers, bathroom, lockers, and a steamroom, boys and girls). I then entered the treatment area, and was ushered into a beautiful back room where mellow music wafted overhead, and the relaxing scent of lavender permeated the air. I lay on the table for about an hour, as my masseuse kneaded every single kink, tear, and pressure point out of my being. The experience was nothing short of blissful.

The spa itself is worth a visit, if only to check out the scenery, and enjoy even a quick manicure or pedicure. Whether you are into massages (and who isn’t, really) or not, the DevaSpa Signature is one worth experiencing. Here is a gem in the SoHo area.

DevaSpa at Devachan Salon is located in Soho, at 425 Broome St. To experience your very own spa enlightenment, go ahead and make an appointment by calling 646-454-4300

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