Making Him Beautiful: 3 Tips to “Help” Dress your Man

It’s no secret that men are generally pretty clumsy dressers.  Most of the time they just fumble with a matching tie, belt, or a good pair of shoes for those pants.  But at their worst… they can be downright embarrassing to be seen with.  Of course we love them, but I think you ladies know what I’m getting at.  Lately, I’ve received a ton of concerns and requests for advice on helping your boo dress better, without hurting his feelings in the process.  So, in response I offer these three quick tips that should help you to help your man look as dapper as ever, without leaving him salty, or skulking off with his tail between his poorly attired legs.

1.  Positive Reinforcement

You probably already know – men don’t take kindly to harsh criticism.  Additionally, no one enjoys being told what to do.  Instead of forcing an issue, try gently offering little compliments when you think something looks good: “Oh wow, I love those pants on you. You should think about getting more of those.”  If done correctly, your man will just think your complementing him, which, of course you are… but it’ll also plant that little seed in his mind which will grow each time he wears those pants (Inception!).

2. You Buy Him Things

I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to say that most men hate shopping.  And if your man is like most, he probably relishes the opportunity to not go to the mall.  Next time you’re out shopping, pick something up for him, but don’t make him try it on right when you get home.  Mention it in passing or leave it lying on the bed.  Again, men hate being told what to wear, but they love not having to get things for themselves, am I right?  Good clothes don’t have to be that expensive either.  Finding nice shirts, or a good casual pair of shoes is easy, and will do marvels for his appearance and confidence.  You can order most clothes online, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice unexpected package waiting for them when they get home from work?

3.  Casual Suggestions

As described in the first tip, compliments do wonders, especially given with suggestion – “You have such a nice butt, you should really try those jeans on.”  I can’t stress enough how far a little compliment can go in these situations.  It can really be all the difference, and it certainly helps maintain a nice, loving relationship.

So to recap in two words: stay positive.  Just like you, he doesn’t want to be nagged or bossed now that he’s not living under the same roof as his mother or father.  Be sweet, be charming, and most of all, be his woman.  Men want to look good for you, they just need to be softly coaxed into realizing it.  If you play your cards right, you’ll have him looking like Don Draper before you know it.

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