Fragrance Friday- Spring is Sweet with Prada Candy

If sugar, spice and everything nice is what little girls are made of.

Then caramel, vanilla, wood, and musk are all scents Prada girls can savor.

Sweet and warm, light yet lingering, Prada’s newest fragrance romp- Prada Candy- is one of those quintessential scents just perfect for ushering in the spring. A distinct departure from the brand’s previous scents (Infusion d’Iris, I am looking at you), Candy is younger and more irreverent. It embodies the spirit of the young beauty who is both daring and sensual. The Prada candy girl is the perfect combination of sweet and seductive, bold and wild. She is full of a certain zest for life, and it shows.

Candy is officially classified as a woody gourmand scent, with top notes of caramel and root beer, mid notes of powder and musk, and base notes of warm vanilla and benzoin. At first spray, the scent is pure sweetness, on dry down, all sensuality. The sillage is especially lovely, and what ultimately endeared me to this fragrance.

The bottle is both classically elegant, and vibrantly playful. The amber liquid peeks through the rounded cylinder, while a hot pink band and logo adorn the top of the bottle. This is a bottle that has no cover, as the fragrance sprays directly from the modern black and gold button on top.

Sweet enough to make the boys go crazy, and sensual enough to capture the essence of the new Prada lady, Prada’s Candy is certainly a new fragrance to adore. Look for it today, both online and at your local fine fragrance counter.

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