Top 5 Stores For The Cash-Strapped Fashionista

As we approach the release of many designers’ spring lines, many cash-strapped fashion-minded consumers are wondering how they’re going to stock their wardrobes this season. Whether you’re looking for stylish ensembles, accessories, or jewelry, the following list of inexpensive retailers is tailored specifically to the cash-strapped fashionista who is looking to look good without having to run off to a San Diego plastic surgeon in preparation for beach season.


The Swedish company has grown to become the global leader in inexpensive clothing, operating in 43 countries across the world. H&M has created a business model that allows them to offer cheap but high quality garments for men and women. They have partnered with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Versace, Madonna, and Karl Lagerfield. Additionally, H&M has made laudable efforts in recent years to make their stores more eco-friendly and sustainable. This includes the creation of the Conscious Actions Sustainability Report, in which they declare commitment to energy-efficient factories, zero waste, and an eco-fiber Garden Collection clothing line.

Charlotte Russe

This San Diego-based retail chain is marketed towards young, trendy women and teens and is popular for offering hip clothes with inexpensive price tags. With a flexible size range and offerings in formal wear, party wear, and work clothes, Charlotte Russe is a great store for stylish women looking to save some coin. Check out their Origami Inset Front Dress, Corsage Cardigan, and Sleeveless Scoop Mesh top.

Forever 21

This chain is for men, women, and children and, like the other stores on this list, offers inexpensive, stylish garments with specifications provided by the individual suppliers. Forever 21 has received a lot of negative attention in the past few years, which prompted them to commit to variety of charitable and social programs.


The only store on the list that is purely online, GoJane is a trendy Internet retailer that caters to young professionals and hipsters alike. Check them out for formal wear or for dresses, sunglasses, jewelry, and knockoff designer shoes.

Urban Behavior

A unisex clothing retailer that specializes in private labels designed in Los Angeles. Most of their outlets are found in malls, where they target young adults looking for inexpensive casual clothes and accessories for males and females.

To these destinations you should of course add on any number of local thrift and vintage stores in your area, which often offer amazing deals on great clothing. Sometimes you can buy the fabrics you need to fashion your own ensembles. Or, you can take the easy route and store-hop!

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