The Weekend in Review

I don’t typically pen these types of posts, but this weekend was kind of epic. Allow me to elaborate with a bit of a play by play.

Saturday we went out for a friend’s birthday, for some delicious hibachi food. Here is what we wore:

Jeans and sweater by bebe, tank by Armani Exchange, shoes by Frye

The Girls


Our dinner maestro

Birthday dessert!

Sunday started out like any other day, with errands a trip to the mall. It ended with the boyfriend and I taking this lil poochie home.


Ladies and gents, meet Moe! Moe, short for Mariano, is a feisty male Morkie (maltese and yorkie blend), born and raised in Long Island. Weighing in at a whopping 1.5 lbs, and only being 2 months old, he is a very curious puppy with a fondness for toys, feet, and napping on my desk.

He also loves having his belly rubbed.

He wants to let all of you know that you will be seeing a lot of him here on Krasey Beauty. He hopes that’s okay.

So, how was your weekend?

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