Krasey Fit- It’s a Lady’s Thing- Bootcamp 101 with Lady Foot Locker, Harley Pasternak, and New Balance Minimus Zero

I am a fitness junkie, that much has become blatantly obvious in my intense daily workouts. I am also an unapologetic fitness fashion junkie, with a snazzy pair of sneakers for every pair of heels in her arsenal, and enough fitness gear to fill an already too-full closet. Imagine my excitement then at having an opportunity to get together once more with the fabulous ladies at Lady Foot Locker, to participate in Bootcamp 101 with trainer to the stars Harley Pasternak, all while test driving the brand spanking new New Balance Minimus Zero Footwear collection. Color me all shades of excited, literally (no really, I’m sure I was looking more than a little red over the course of the workout).

The setup was pretty simple- work out, bootcamp-style with Harley at a little place called Warrior Fitness in the city, in a snazzy new outfit, provided by Lady Foot Locker and New Balance. Being of sound fitness sensibilities, I still harbored a bit of fear at the challenges up ahead. I work out daily, with both heavy weights and cardio, and I was still unprepared for the thirty minute boot camp torture that Harley put us through. Think walking lunges till your calves and thighs burn, 50 reps of bicep curls and overhead presses, side shuffles, backwards running, planking, and more. It was nonstop and definitely intense, to say the least. The workout itself was pretty grueling, blasting an impressive 500 calories in half an hour (I know this because I was wearing my heart rate monitor the entire time), but I did it, and felt all the fitter for it.

I must say this as an aside, meeting Harley Pasternak was like a match made in fitness heaven. With a Master’s in Nutritional Science, years of fitness training and bodybuilding experience, and a client list that boasts the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Katy Perry under his belt, it’s no wonder the man gets the job done. Throughout the course of the workout, he kept track of each and every one of us, making sure we made it through.

After cooling down, Harley was kind enough to answer some of our burning questions on fitness and nutrition. One thing that he said that stuck with me the most on taking breaks from dieting, or having a cheat day: “If you take 6 steps forward and 1 step back, at the end of the day you have still taken 5 steps forward.” Very wise words Harley, and I couldn’t agree more.

Throughout the entire experience, I couldn’t help but appreciate how not only my clothing performed, but also how my snazzy New Balance Minimus Zero sneakers performed. Besides being an incredibly hip and purple/pink –friendly shade of teal, these sneakers are super lightweight, ultra-flexible, and as close to all-natural as you can go in a sneaker. Rather than dictating where your foot goes when you move, the shoes ultra-soft and flexible skeleton lets your body dictate your movements, motions, and gait. That means your muscles work harder, and that’s a great thing.

All in all, I had an absolute blast, and got a great workout in, to boot! The New Balance Minimus Zero footwear line has already launched at Lady Foot Locker in NYC, but launches at Lady Foot Locker stores nationwide on March 15th. Mark your calendars ladies, for a new experience in minimal footwear.

Also, to learn more about Harley, and get in on his Five Factor Diet, be sure to visit his site here.

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