Happy Hour Occasions, with Chili’s Restaurants!

Work hard to play hard, that is my motto and I am sticking to it! When I have had a particularly trying day, there is nothing better than kicking back with friends in a social environment, in this case let’s say Happy Hour at Chili’s, sharing lots of laughs, and of course, a drink or two with my favorite people.

My favorite Happy Hour time is on any given Friday, kicking back and preparing for a kick-butt weekend after what is sure to have been a very long week. I just grab my boyfriend and a couple of my closest girlfriends, and they in turn bring along their significant others. All in all, it’s a party at our spot, with great vibes flowing in abundance.

My drink of choice is Coconut Rum with Diet Coke, or a Sparkling Pomegranate Margarita. Both are refreshingly sweet treats that takes me away to my happy place, and that is somewhere tropical. By the end of the night, if my face doesn’t hurt from laughing too hard, then it wasn’t a typical night.

When you need an escape from the daily grind, or just a place to unwind with friends, go to your Margarita Place. Go to Chili’s. Our daily specials on margaritas & appetizers are the perfect excuse for you and your friends to get together after work. Premium margaritas, boneless buffalo wings and hanging out with friends at Chili’s—there’s no better way to end your day.

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