Fragrance Friday- Valentina Eau De Parfum Review

Fragrance goes beyond just scents, ingredients, and notes. A good fragrance will transport you outside of your body, and take you both heart and soul on a journey of olfactive-inspired sensation. The power to transport ourselves, to alter our own essence is what makes the fragrance experience both exciting and very necessary. Today, we are taking a journey to vibrant Roma, to peek in on the stunning inspiration behind the newest scent from the house of Valentino Couture- Valentina.

Valentina is a gorgeous floral oriental scent, inspired by the vast beauty of the modern Roman landscape, and brought to life with a very specific lady in mind. The Valentina woman is aristocratic, elegant, and ultra-feminine. By day, she is the embodiment of a successful, sophisticated, beautiful young lady. At night, she is a carefree, sexy, and slightly rebellious party girl. She is a shameless flirt with her own spunk and charisma, and a trendsetter through and through. For her, the Roman Piazza is her nocturnal playground, and she likes it that way.

On paper, the fragrance begins with a burst of citrusy bergamot, and earthy, slightly salty, and very unusual white truffle notes. As an aside, Valentina is the first scent to boast of truffle notes, which makes it very special from the get-go. The initial bursts immediately give way to the centerpiece, or heart of the scent- an intoxicating blend of white flowers orange blossom and jasmine, blended along with succulently sweet wild strawberries. Once the heart notes have dissipated a bit, the warm amber and cedar wood notes ultimately make themselves known, giving the final fragrance a sensual, rich feel for the long wear.

Valentina Perfume

The bottle is a pure work of art, all delicate, crystal clear rounded curves adorned with three pale flowers, Valentino’s signature. The topper is a silver ring and black pearl, providing the perfect contrast to the bottle’s purity.

Valentina by Valentino Couture is a gorgeous scent with an even more gorgeous background. Look for it today in all Valentino Boutiques, or at your local Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus Store.

One thought on “Fragrance Friday- Valentina Eau De Parfum Review

  • March 9, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    I have been wearing this every day since I received it! Definitely my new favorite scent.

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