Fragrance Friday- French Connection UK’s Friction Review

I have come to a not so shocking conclusion. That is, I am inexplicably drawn to scents brought to life by clothing brands that I love. This would make sense, since said scents would match said brand’s aesthetic, right? Meet the newest object of my fragrance obsession, Friction for her, by French Connection UK.

FRICTION, the new fragrance by FCUK, is inspired by its namesake kinetic energy. It is a scent that is all about heat, passion, and energy. It is for the sexy lady, who pictures herself the seductress, or the demure lady who just wishes to be a bit bold. It is delicious, it is feminine, and it is most definitely a gorgeous scent to spritz on date night.

Friction Her is classified as a floral gourmand, meaning it is the perfect mix of confectionary treat and delicate floral notes.  The top notes include pink honeysuckle, apple blossom and red berries, while the gourmand base includes creamy Coconut, spun sugar, vanilla absolute, and floral pink jasmine. On drydown, it is the white vetiver, blonde woods, sandalwood, amber, and musk that creates all of the fragrance’s warmth. All in all, a very delicious blend indeed.

The bottle is beautifully beveled, in contrasting clear and black. Simple and sexy, indeed.

You can find French Connection’s newest scent, Friction, both online and at a FCUK store near you.

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