5 Jewelry Trends For Spring

Every year spring comes and every year a fresh, flashy, fragrant slate of fashion trends come trundling in with it. Nothing pairs with the spring months quite as nice as great jewelry. This year I want to take a brief look at a few of the jewelry trends that you can expect to see around town this year as the flowers start to bloom:

Jazz Age Styles—Perhaps inspired by the popularity of Boardwalk Empire and anticipation over the The Great Gatsby film, expect to see an unusual number of flapper aesthetics from the jazz age with flower patterns and Art Deco gems.

Hair Jewelry—Barrettes, hair bands, tiaras, and brooches are once again proving popular at recent runway events. Combined with the popularity of other hair accessories like rooster feathers, expect to see affected hair this spring.

Yellow and gold stones—Elie Tahari and Roberto Cavalli’s recent shows were lush with gold colors and associated stones like beryl and rutilated quartz have become popular again.

PyritePyrite is a mineral known for its metallic luster and its nickname “fool’s gold.” Used in a variety of decorative manners, pyrite has become a hit once again in fashion collections, such as the collections of Melissa Joy Manning, Jamie Joseph, and Robindira Unsworth. Its smoky hue and low-key flashiness is perfect for spring.

Geometric shapes—From angular patterns to square bangles and rings, geometric jewelry will be in vogue this season. You can find a wide variety of custom-made options on Etsy!

Fashion trends are never quite the same from year to year and this season’s jewelry trends will present some interesting new directions. Also, look for a growing demands for pearls, chandelier earrings, pendants, and tribal pieces.

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