The Science of Skincare (Gadgets)- The Tria Light Device

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new age of skincare, and a brand new edition of the science of skincare.

Acne is perhaps one of the most common skincare afflictions that we all love to hate. Whether you are a teen, or a full-grown adult, there is just no denying the embarrassment and discomfort associated with a red, bumpy breakout. It hurts, both physically, and emotionally.

Up until recently, the only treatments that we knew of, that were readily available to the masses that is, were the drugstore and prescription topicals, and the dermatologist-prescribed antibiotics. Of course there were other, more specialized methods available, but those were only accessible through your local, friendly dermatologist. As for the psychological aspect of treatment, PCHTreatment,com.

One such method was the blue light technique, in which an individual literally sits under a blue light-emitting lamp, in the office, for twenty minutes, twice a week. The idea is that the frequency and energy emitted by blue light kills the bacteria within oil-clogged pores, thus preventing the pores from becoming acne. It’s a pretty simple concept, with proven levels of efficacy. The treatment was widely used by dermatologists, yet relatively unknown to the masses. Until now.

Enter the TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light, an at-home, handheld, blue light device designed to kill bacteria at its source, resulting in an elimination of spots, clogged pores, pimples and acne breakouts. The machine is designed for use twice a day, with one treatment lasting 2.5 minutes.

Tria Blue Light Acne Device

What is the device?

The Tria is a handheld device, both lightweight and easy to use. Upon contact with the skin, the machine powers on, emitting a gentle, blue light designed to kill acne-causing bacteria at its source.

How does it work?

To use, all I have to do is charge up the machine and turn it on. Upon contact with either a stubborn area, or all over my entire face, the device’s fans begin to whirr as a warm, gentle, blue light bathes my face. The machine has a convenient timer on the bottom to tell me how long I have been using it (five minutes is all it takes!), and it even beeps to tell me I am done with a cycle. The treatment process itself is both gentle and soothing, warming my face as it bathes it in glowing, soft light.

Does it work?

I am not generally prone to acne (thanks Mom and Dad!), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t benefitted from using this machine regularly to stop occasional pimply flare-ups during that time of the month, and of course the dreaded t-zone black and whiteheads. All in all, I am incredibly pleased both with the machine, and the results. Incorporating this into my daily routine has been a breeze, since all it really takes is five minutes every evening, post Clarisonic cleansing. The time I save fretting over the occasional breakouts make this machine worth it’s small weight in gold.

Advanced acne treatments are making their way from the dermatologist’s office, to homes everywhere. For those with oily, acne-prone skin, the Tria just may seem like a gift from above.  The Tria Beauty Blue Light for Acne Device is available online, straight from the Tria website.

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    Thanks for sharing such nice information about the Acne disorder , i am medical student and itself i am facing problem of Acne, so i am thnx for this article.

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