Seed Healthy Hand Regimen, A New Winter Must-Have


Being February and all, I think it’s safe to say that my hands are not only cold, but feeling the effects of a very fickle chilly season. This winter especially, my hands have suffered the cruel effects of harsh heat, extreme cold, and other winter environmental unsavories, leaving them red, irritated, and covered in scratches. Even worse, the cold is making my eczema flair up, and that’s new fun.

Desperate for some relief, I’ve turned towards a new line of skincare (or at least new to me line), SEED. Founded by mom and entrepeneur Rebecca G., SEED is an all-natural, sustainable, healthy skin care line derived from grape seeds, hence the name. Packed with free-radical busting antioxidants, and tons of other all-natural, good for the skin ingredients, SEED does this winter-worn skin right.

SEED Healthy Hand Regimen

I’ve been indulging in the Healthy Hands regimen for well over three weeks now, and to miraculous effects. A once a week scrubdown with the Therepeutic Hand Scrub leaves my skin softer, smoother, and wonderfully scale free. I follow the scrub up with the Relaxing Lavender Healthy Hand Cream, for rich moisture that not only smells soothing, but feels amazing on thirsty skin. Of course I also apply the hand cream whenever my hands are feeling dry, or just when I need to step back and take a deep breath of a scent that is at once calm and soothing. All in all, this duo is a winner!

Pamper your hands, with Seed’s Healthy Hand Regimen, available locally at Duane Reade, and online at DrugStore.COM.

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