Hairapy- Wen Treatment Oil in Fig Sweet Orange Review

WEN Hai Fig Sweet Orange Treatment Oil

Ladies and gentleman of the beauty jury, allow me to introduce our subject. Clocking in at a modest 26 years old, she looks almost twice her age. She is tired, she is wild, and she is all kinds of unruly. With just a single touch, she strikes fear into the hearts of others. Ladies and gentlemen, she needs to be put under control. What she needs some rehab, in the form of hairapy.

Of course I am talking about my curly mop. With a slew of chemical and color treatments under her belt, it’s no wonder my already coarse hair’s taming is dubbed mission impossible. I needed something powerful to get my hair under control, and that something powerful just so happened to come to me in the form of WEN’s Fig Sweet Orange Treatment Oil. In WEN I trust, for I have found a hair rehab system that actually works.

Happy Hair!

A blend of essential and naturally fragrant oils, WEN’s Fig Sweet Orange Treatment Oil is jam-packed full of hydrating abyssinian oil, conditioning balsam peru oil, clarifying cedarwood oil, anti-oxidant rich olive fruit oil, nourishing organic argan oil, and soothing organic ylang ylang oil. All in all, this deliciously scented cocktail offers up everything my damaged, parched hair could ever want or need. With four full droppers of the stuff kept in my hair overnight, a rinse later yields the best hair I’ve ever had. Even better, a drop or two has the ability to make frizz, flyaways, and dullness on styled hair a thing of the past.

With just a few treatments, the subject has her life back. Ladies and gentlemen of the beauty jury, you need WEN’s Fig Sweet Orange Treatment Oil, stat. Look for it online, straight from the Chaz Dean website.

One thought on “Hairapy- Wen Treatment Oil in Fig Sweet Orange Review

  • February 23, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Wow, sounds good. Do you think this would work for any hair typed? Permed, natural, etc?


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