Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics, for a Dash of Whimsy and a Splash of Fun

Tarina Tarantino Beauty

When fun, whimsy, and a little bit of magic come together in a beauty collection, the result is surely going to be a hit. Enter one of the newest beauty brands to enter into my beaut-ific bubble, Tarina Tarantino’s line. Fairly new to Sephora-land, Tarina Tarantino has brought her own distinct style, flair, and flavor into a color collection chock-full of great products, shades, and finishes. Sure, they aren’t reinventing the cosmetic wheel with earth-shattering new concepts, but Tarina’s line is certainly one that prides itself on great-looking packaging to get the point across. That is, makeup is supposed to be fun!

Pearl Glow Primer, for flawlessly prepped faces.

Dollskin Cheek Blush in Charm, for a fresh rosy glow.

Conditioning Lip Sheen Sheer Lipsticks in Candy Jar and Penny Arcade for sheer kisses of moisturizing color.

Sparklicity Pure in Gold, for a shimmering golden sheen for eyes and cheeks.

Eye Dream Hyperliner in Sparkling Ammunition and Puppeteer, for smoky eyes, to boot!

The Tarina Tarantino makeup line is available exclusively at Sephora.

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