Random Acts of Swatching- The New Laura Geller Edition

Allow me to introduce the newest, latest, and greatest from none other than the queen of the baked cosmetic goods, Laura Geller. Making their way onto shelves (and into hearts) is a compendium of color products and skin correctors, designed to bring the flawless on the quick and easy.

Waterproof Eye Spackle


Spackle Tint and Glow


Spackle Tint and Glow


Air Whipped Bronzer


Air Whipped Blush Whisper in Petal
Air Whipped Lip Wear



L-R Bronzer, Blush, Glosses, Spackle Tint and Glow

All of Laura Geller’s fantabulous offerings are available at QVC, online, and at her NYC boutique.

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