New Year, New You: The Sallow Skin Edition- SK II and The Winter Skin Savers, The New Additions

New year, new you is a series dedicated to fixing beauty’s bad habits, and finding your way to a more beautiful, more confident you. In this edition, we discuss how to combat winter’s skin conditions, with SK-II Skincare.

Great skin is not a privilege, but a right boys and girls. If there is one thing that I have learned in my pursuit of a better complexion, it’s that regimentation and implementation of a comprehensive skincare routine are key. Add to that a few beneficial ingredients and you are good to go.

SK II Skin Signature Eye Cream

Speaking of the pursuit for a more perfect visage, there are two new additions to my own skincare repertoire that my skin is loving right now. I am specifically referring to two new items in the pitera-laden, SK-II lineup that are designed to pamper the skin and eradicate apparent aging. That is, SK-II’s Signature Eye Cream and Wrinkle Specialist Serums.

As a brief refresher, the whole SK-II concept was born when a group of esteemed scientists traveled to a sake brewing plant in Japan, and subsequently discovered the anti-aging properties of a then unknown substance- Pitera. Many years later, Pitera-rich SK-II is a brand that is well known and loved by millions, including of course, yours truly.

SK II Skin Signature Eye Cream

SK II Signature Eye Cream  packs all of the rich benefits of Signature Face Cream, in a more concentrated version for the eyes. Delivering targeted hydration to the delicate skin under my eyes, I’ve noticed a reduction in the appearance of unsightly circles, in addition to lighter, brighter looking eyes on the whole.

SK II Wrinkle Specialist

SK II Wrinkle Specialist Serum is another targeted treatment, and this one is designed to eliminate surface wrinkles in as little as two weeks. Delivering instant hydration on impact, the product immediately yields softer, smoother skin. Even better, the ingredient blend is designed to penetrate the dermal layers to increase skin’s firmness while promoting cell turnover.

When it comes to my complexion, there are two things that I cannot get enough of. Namely, SK-II, and amazing products that go the distance and back again. Look for these new additions both online, and at your local Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

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