New Year, New You Series:

It’s 2012, boys and girls! Welcome to what is sure to be a fun, exciting, and hopefully productive year for all of you (fingers crossed!).

You know the drill, it’s time to make our New Year’s resolutions. Now I know that many of you make resolutions with the best of intentions, only to let them fall to the backburner when life takes over. Not this year, and not on my watch. Let’s vow to ourselves, and to each other that we will make our resolutions and stick to them. Being that this is a beauty and lifestyle blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with all of you my own beauty resolutions, and how I plan to keep them. New year, new you is a series dedicated to fixing beauty’s bad habits, and finding your way to a more beautiful, more confident you.

First and foremost, let’s get our smiles in check. I am talking about the quest for whiter teeth, naturally.

Resolution 1: A Whiter Smile

The first step in getting our teeth whiter lies in a product that we have seen here before on K.B. I’m talking about the Crest Express 3D Whitestrips, of course.

Providing immediate whitening in as little as 2 hours (really!), these whitestrips have proven their worth time and time again. These are my new go-tos before events.

The next, last, and most important proponent to a brighter smile is in the products you use to maintain. For me, that dynamic duo is Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, and the Oral B Professional 1000 Toothbrush.

Colgate Optic White toothpaste’s shiny red tube holds within it a toothpaste packed with the same whitening ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) as those always-fun strips that we use, to ensure that you get powerful whitening on the daily.

While the Oral B Professional 1000 provides all the teeth cleaning power I need, to ensure that my teeth are brushed, polished, and shined to perfection, every single time that I brush my teeth.

This year, I’m saying goodbye to lack-luster teeth. How about you?


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