New Year, New You- Brighter Smiles (Part 2), the Glo Professional System Edition

New year, new you is a series dedicated to fixing beauty’s bad habits, and finding your way to a more beautiful, more confident you. In this edition, we discuss your new secret weapon for whiter, brighter teeth (again!).

Krasey has a dazzling smile

Her teeth are white as snow

And everywhere that Krasey went

Smiles were sure to follow

Ladies and gents of the beauty blogging jury, I am smiling a lot more these days. The reason? the Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening device has made a grand entrance into my life, and I am not letting it go. Introduced to by a friend in the know, the revolutionary whitening system and I have become fast friends.

Growing up, I was always incredibly self-conscious about my smile. Cursed with a tiny mouth (shocking, I know, given how much I talk) that didn’t give my teeth enough room to line up in a row, crowding resulted in teeth that resembled zig zags and not a straight arc. Fixed in my teens with the power of braces (thanks, mom and dad!), I was left with a straighter smile, but not a whiter one. You see, the crowding in my mouth during most of my adolescence meant I couldn’t reach all of my teeth when I brushed, which meant I was left with visible staining once all of the teeth were straight. No good.

I have tried several whitening conconctions, from strips to toothpastes, and have had varying levels of success with all of them. Unfortunately, I still found myself more pearl and less pearly white. This is when Glo came into my life.

I’m not going to lie, the Glo system looks professional straight out the box. Included in the package are a mouthpiece, case, charging dock, control, travel bag, and most importantly, 10 vials of whitening gel. The concept is ridiculously simple, all you need to do is brush the gel onto your teeth, turn on the charged and assembled unit, and fit the mouthpiece onto your teeth. Glo does all the work as it lights up with brilliant blue light, accelerating the work that the gel does as you wear the unit for half an hour, on five consecutive days.

I could bore you all with the details on how this mouthpiece and hydrogen peroxide gel work, but I’m not going to. Instead, I am going to tell you that the unit works, and works well. In just a week my pearly whites were whiter, and my smile brighter, and all with no sensitivity issues at all. Frankly my dear, I love it!

With a significantly whiter and brighter smile, I feel like a new woman. Gone is the self consciousness, and eradicated are the stains that became the bane of my beauty existence. Glo rocks in that way.

The Glo Whitening System, complete with accoutrements, is available exclusively at Sephora.

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  • January 9, 2012 at 11:23 am

    I just did zoom whiting and it was expensive. I’d like to try glo professional

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