Let There Be Light!

If you work in an office setting, you already know how important windows are to your workplace sanity. Every couple of minutes they give you the opportunity to gaze out into the real world and get a glimpse of what people might be doing when they aren’t stuck at the office. Employers have figured out that they need to have windows in order to keep the workers satisfied, but doctors have also made discoveries on the importance light plays for your body.

Everyone has heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder. This condition makes people depressive and alters sleep rhythms in the winter. When the sun goes down early and you are stuck inside all day, it can seem like the sun doesn’t exist at all. Not getting exposure can decrease the levels of Vitamin D in your body and wreak havoc on your mood and make your skin pale and clammy.

In order to remedy the problem of people not getting enough sunlight, Phillips has created a device that emits special goLite BLU energy rays that act as a replacement for the sun. Offices around the world are buying these in order to increase worker satisfaction and make office workers a little less pale and grumpy.

If you are going to step outside to get some natural sunlight, you should always take precautions. We know that lathering on a bunch of sunscreen is the most important part of skin care in the summer. But when the temperature drops we usually forget about the dangers of the sun. An article of Stylist interviews Doctor Alex Kahdavi who says that reflection from things like snow and water can increase the radiation levels in the sun’s rays and cause worse damage than direct light.

If you don’t want to go out, but want to beat the blues, you can always visit the local mall and immerse yourself in some retail therapy. Every store from the grocer to the jewelry store with the black diamond ring employs a specialized lighting scheme that is designed to sell you more stuff. While businesses are trying to make a profit off of you, you can still reap the benefits of their psychological marketing efforts.

If you are feeling nervous, anxious, or depressed it could be because you are working too much or stuck on the couch watching reruns of Coach. In order to stay healthy you are going to need a good level of light. Don’t become a shut in and cut yourself off from the natural world.

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