Instruments of Makeup Application Greatness

LaVaque Tools

Every artist has his brush and paints, every carpenter his tool belt, every clown his balloon and props.

You get the idea.

Well, this post is all about the instruments this beauty-savvy blogger keeps in her beauty tool belt. These are my go-to items for everything from beauty maintenance, to hygiene, to styling.

LaVaque Tools Tweezers
LaVaque Tools Tweezers

Whether it be a stray hair, or a pair of false lashes that are hard to grab, a great set of tweezers always comes in handy. Currently striking my fancy is this pair from LaVaque.

LaVaque Tools Finger Palette

LaVaque Tools Spatula

Also from LaVaque, this spatula and thumb mixing palette duo are a dream for cream application. Whether it’s mixing foundations or concealers to get the perfect shade, or mixing powders with liquids, and even scooping out some gel liner to prevent cross contamination, these are the tools that you not only need in your kit, but that you also wish you thought of.

**As an aside on LaVaque, make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook Page. Click like on the page for more info on free tweezer Monday!

Not your typical beauty tool, but an important one nonetheless, Scotch tape is great for picking up stray loose powder and glitter. Another fun application, tape is the perfect tool for a sharp, angled eye application.

Sigma Beauty Make Me Crazy Professional Brush Kit Purple

Another makeup application must-have, and purple to boot is Sigma Beauty‘s Make Me Crazy Professional Brush Kit in Purple. Housed in this sleek purple cylinder is every brush that you can ever want or need to achieve a flawless face. It goes without saying that this kit goes EVERYWHERE with me.

Sigma Beauty Make Me Crazy Professional Brush Kit Purple

Sigma Beauty Make Me Crazy Professional Brush Kit Purple

Clean Fx Makeup Remover

Just as important as application is how you remove your makeup. Lately, I have been loving Cover FX’s Makeup Remover, for its ability to remove virtually all the makeup on my face. This unique mousse dissolves dirt and grime easily, leaving nothing on my face but soft, smooth, moisturized skin.

These are just some of the tools I keep on hand, to make my life a bit easier. What do you keep in your beauty tool belts? Do share!

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