Hair Philes- A Hair Raising Tale of Hair Toolery with G.H.D

Sunlight enters through the glass pane window as the sounds of the city start to register and filter into her still-sleepy brain. She rolls over to look at her alarm clock, the time is 6:00 AM and it is time to get ready for work. Rubbing the sleep from her tired eyes, she then stretches before swinging both legs over her canopied bed and making the trek to the bathroom, much like she does every morning. As she is brushing her teeth, she quickly glances in the mirror. This is what she sees staring back at her:

She had broken one of her own rules, and went to bed with wet hair. Now, she had to pay the price in locks that jutted out in every direction. This beauty could have despaired, wailing and cursing the hair gods as she stared in the looking glass, but she did not. Like a beacon of hope, her curling iron offered her a reprieve from what could have been an otherwise bleak, bad-hair kind of day. Her hair-tastrophe was diverted, thanks to the GHD straightening iron.

G.H.D stands for Good Hair Day, but surely they were just being modest when they named it. You see, our beauty thought to herself that it should really stand for gorgeous hair day. As she clutched the iron in her eager hands, she marveled at how easily the hot black ceramic wand glided through her hair. After only fifteen minutes (a new record for her!), she was left with nothing but smooth, silky, pin straight tresses. Our beauty could also take comfort in the fact that she could switch it up with the very same iron, creating loose, voluminous curls with the flick of a wrist.

For sleek, shining tresses, our lovely heroine has her locks covered, and styled to perfection. Every day became a good hair day, and she lived happily ever after.

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