Fragrance Friday- Illamasqua Presents FREAK

Say hello to freak, a deep, complex fragrance brought to life by the masterminds behind cult beauty brand, Illamasqua.

Freak is unlike anything I have ever smelled before. The scent is dark, mysterious, and everything I’d expect from a brand known to push boundaries. The top notes include Black Davana, Opium Flower and Belladonna, while the heart notes include Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night blossom. All of these dark notes rest on a base of aromas of Frankincense, Oud and Myrrh, to intoxicate. While I must admit, I can see this scent polarizing those who sniff it, being either loved or hated (there is no in-between with such a strong scent as this), I happen to love it for its uniqueness. In a world of vanilla fragrances, FREAK definitely stands out in the crowd.

FREAK is currently available, only on As always, I encourage everyone to get their FREAK on.

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