Bathtime is LUSH again, Thanks to These LUSH Bath Additions

Forget loofah sponges and rubber duckies, LUSH has the new bath time essentials in their newest additions to the line. I have often exalted the virtues of LUSH’s bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts, and other forms of bath time paraphernalia, so now, allow me to introduce you all to the latest and greatest. With so many wonderful, amazing, deliciously good for my skin, it’s no small wonder I literally want to live in my bathtub.


Of all the new launches, Bubbleroons are perhaps the items I am most excited about. Part bubble bar, and part bath melt, Bubbleroons are packed with all kinds of skin-loving ingredients. Even better, the scents are all gourmand, and worthy of only the most exalted bakeries. The scents are Rose Jam and Yuzu and Cocoa, yum!


Rose Queen Bath Bomb

LUSH Beauty Ro's Bath Bomb

Ahh, my beloved bath bombs. Inspired by the new Rose Jam scent, Rose Queen carries the floral rosy accords of rose absolute and geranium, with amber notes of rock rose. Bathwater goes pink thanks to tiger lily, apple blossom, while larkspur petals adrift on the surface.

Lust Soap

Capturing the essence of LUSH’s Lust scent, Lust Soap is brimming with jasmine and floral accords.

The new LUSH bath items are coming to stores in a few weeks, so get excited. Find it all online, and at your local LUSH shop.

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