Barney’s Beauty Bests- Calling in the big guns: Sue Devitt’s New Microquatic Marine Crystal Collagen Eye Collection

Puffy eyes from lack of sleep…. Check…. Punch-out under eye circles from being sick, dehydrated and again, sleep deprived… Check! Check! Check!  The situation had reached a critical point and my eyes were screaming: ENOUGH!  So I remembered my stowed away package from Sue Devitt…. My saving grace came in the form of Sue Devitt’s New Microquatic Marine Crystal Collagen Eye Collection: eye masque and eye concentrate cream, available at Barneys New York.

Determined to end the scarecrow image, I marched into my bathroom with downcast eyes, avoiding my ghastly reflection in the mirror.  Then, I smoothly pulled out the squishy little blue ying/yang shaped Microquatic Marine Crystal Collagen Eye Masques like a jewelry thief (I say jewelry because these little masques are so cute; you almost wished they were aquamarine earrings) delighting in the oncoming experience.  These bad boys are medical grade and in addition to providing hydration and reduction of fine lines, they are also meant to be used for post-eye surgery patients.  Did I mention big guns?!

The pouches are moist, cool and malleable.  Almost a little too malleable since they tend to slip around a little bit, so lying still is highly recommended.  It’s a very relaxing and soothing experience…. I’m thinking if I had added a bath with some scented candles and a glass of wine…. Next time!  After 10 minutes my eyes were definitely hydrated.  But in spite of refreshed eyes I was left with dark moons under my eyes. With my determination renewed I moved on to step two: the eye cream!

The other half of this dynamic duo finally had its chance at the spot light and a job to highlight!  This little eye cream that could has been my BFF for the last few weeks, because it certainly can!  My tired raccoon eyes are looking brighter and feeling happier.  The Licorice Root Extract has certainly alleviated the redness and the tiredness.  My eyes are finally starting to look normal, and I’m seriously considering making this eye cream a regular feature of my daily routine.

My face is fortunately wrinkle-free thus far, so I can’t personally avow to their effectiveness on that count, but I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone regardless of age.  Or gender as a matter of fact.  Come to think of it, my mother, aunt and grandma might have gotten a very fancy stocking stuffer this holiday season….

Look for Sue Devitt’s Microquatic collection, exclusively at Barneys New York.

by Carolina S.

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