Living Proof Restore Haircare

My fellow guys and gals with weak, over-processed, damaged hair, meet the line that will surely become your new b.f.f.

Living Proof Restore

A new and exciting addition to the already stellar, technologically advanced Living Proof Line, Restore is a haircare regimen designed to reduce the porosity of damaged hair, all while making it more resistance to wear, tear, and breakage. Chock-full of Living Proof’s patented, moisture-controlling PolyfluoroEster molecule, Restore is meant to do exactly what the name implies, that is to restore the protective layer of the hair shaft, while giving hair the appearance of virgin, undamaged hair.

Virgin hair, literally brand new, healthy, hair is that way thanks to a topcoat, or natural protective layer. Unfortunately, aforementioned layer is prone to damage from chemical processing, color processing, voodoo curses (not really), and frequent washing. This damage and stripping of the protective top layer ultimately leads to even more problems, as the hair becomes porous (hole-y), and dry.

As an aside, and speaking of Virgin hair, my mother always laments on the current state of my mane, eloquently stating that I used to have such healthy, shiny hair as a child, before I started putting all that crap in it, and abusing it with heat and color. Your hair used to feel like silk shine like the sun, she laments in Russian. Fine MOM, so my hair has changed.

Restore works by bonding to the hair, and protecting it like your natural topcoat would. This in turn ensures that new hair grows in both healthy and strong, while increasing hair’s resistance to damage sustained during heat, color, and chemical treatments. Restore is perfectly safe to use on all hair types, including color and chemically treated hair.

So, does it work? The people (or my own damaged mane) have spoken, and the answer is a resounding yes. That crap of course After three solid weeks of use, I am happy to report that my hair is shinier, healthier, and generally prettier than it was before. Count me a huge fan, for real.

Living Proof’s Restore line is available both online, and at your local Sephora.

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