Krasey Holidays, Perfection is Possible with the Perfekt Triple the Perfection Kit

Before I even begin waxing poetically on all of the reasons why everyone needs some Per-fekt in their lives, allow me to first provide a bit of a background on my history with the brand. For starters, I remember when the brand first came to be. I was wandering around my beloved Henri Bendel, when I came across a temporary display of the then small line. As soon as I swatched the hybrid thick/creamy gel on my hand, I knew that I had found something special. I quickly snatched up a tube, and happily used it to the end of its days.

Fast forward to present day, where Perfekt now offers up not only that same amazing face gel, but also cheek, eye, and body variations. Packaged for value this holiday season, the Triple the Perfection Kit comes with full sizes of my beloved Face Gel, with the addition of two new-to me products: Cheek Perfecting Gels in Bronze and Blush. Both products blend flawlessly into my visage, giving me both sunned and flushed looks all at once. The glow that comes from these products in unbelievable, and the way these products blend seamlessly into my skin brings the words lit from within to mind. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have a little Perfekt(ion) back in my beauty life.

Per-Fekt’s Triple The Perfection kit is a holiday must have, and amazing for anyone who wants flawless skin in mere seconds. Look for this kit online, exclusively on the Perfekt website.

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