Krasey Holidays Gift Guide- Taste the Holidays with Keurig

Not too long ago (nearly a year, to be precise), I featured a nifty little must-have for any lover of warm, toasty, and preferably caffeinated beverages. This year, I am sticking to the opinion that the Keurig K-Cup Brewing System is the greatest thing since macaroni and cheese, sliced bread, and even (maybe) the automobile.

With temperatures dropping, and the sweaters coming out, it is time to consider the flavor palette of the holiday and subsequently, the winter season. Capturing all that is warm and fuzzy are the seasonal additions to the Green Mountain K-Cup Portion Pack family, Spicy Eggnog and Gingerbread.

Spicy Eggnog is brimming with cinnamon and nutmeg goodness. I am not a fan of eggnog in general, but I do love the flavor of this coffee.

Gingerbread, oh gingerbread. Perhaps one of my favorite flavors in the entire Green Mountain line, Gingerbread Coffee is warm, fuzzy, and evocative of its namesake cookie. I love adding some milk and sugar to this one, with just a hint of French vanilla whipped cream on top.

Capture the taste of the holidays with these two amazing K-Cup flavor varieties from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. These exclusive seasonal flavors are available both online, and at a K-Cup retailer near you.

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