Krasey Holiday Gift Guide- Nails Shine Like Stars with the Nails Inc. Glitterati Collection

Nails Inc Glitterati Holiday Nail Polish Collection

In case you haven’t already gotten the memo, sparkle, shimmer, and grown-up glitter are practical, tactical, much-welcomed additions to any girl’s beauty arsenal. Parties, gatherings, and countless celebrations abound, the need to primp and polish moves up very high on the hierarchy of needs. Fortunately, with Nails Inc’s brand-spanking new Glitterati collection, the party is on your nails in a spiffily packaged kit.

Nails Inc Glitterati Holiday Nail Polish Collection

If there is one thing I love, it’s a strong glitter on these nails. Housed within the white and silver box is a trio of glitter nail polishes that bring both strong glitter and pigment to the nails. Painted as one coat over another polish, the effects are both subtle and lovely. Painted on their own, in three coats or more, these polishes are downright dazzling.

The shades:

Nails Inc Glitterati Holiday Nail Polish Collection Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden (multi-colored glitter, strongly leaning towards silver, in a clear base)

Chelsea Embankment (classic gold glitter in a clear base)

London Bridge (blackened-blued base with plum purple glitter)

This Nails Inc. set is available exclusively at Sephora.

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