Krasey Fitness, An Update

Getting my Zumba Fitness On
Getting my Zumba Fitness On

It has been quite some time since we have entered fitness discussion land here on K.B. But rest assured folks, for my efforts are hard, fast, and as rewarding as ever. Here is all that is new and exciting in operation Krasey, Fit, and Beautiful.

Oxygen Magazine

On Required Reading

One thing that I have found lacking in internet-land is an abundance of quality reading material regarding the subject of female-specific fitness. Sure, there are some great blogs out there (I thoroughly enjoy The Great Fitness Experiment), but I haven’t found enough of them to keep my appetite for inspiration satiated. That in mind, it was off to Amazon I went. In the past 2 weeks, I have picked up about ten books and two magazine subscriptions on everything from the anatomy of female fitness, to specific workout regimens geared for my body. Needless to say, I have no shortage of material now. More on what I am reading in a later post.

On Pumping Iron

If there is one unifying theme that I have come across in all manners of fitness rhetoric, it is that woman cannot get lean and lose fat on cardio workouts alone. Sure, I did my light weight training three days a week, but at this point in time it just isn’t enough to get that body that I am truly striving for. Research points to woman’s need to lift heavy, and lift hard. Not having a significant amount of testosterone in our bodies, the result will be a tauter body, not a bulkier one!

On that note, I have been upping my weight training efforts significantly, giving the barbells, dumbbells, and resistance cables as much love and attention as I give my beloved elliptical. Is it showing? I sure think so. I’ve been limited in the exercises I can actually do due to a car accident I was in about a month ago, but still I see my body changing its shape. I absolutely cannot wait to see where I go from here.

On Supplements, and Nutrition

Another thing I found lacking in my previous routine was the presence of certain vital nutrients. Sure, I know that protein is important, but I wasn’t acting on that knowledge. No more, I say. I am currently supplementing my protein intake with whey powder (which tastes delicious, by the way). In addition to that, I am taking a few other supplements designed to aid in the fight against fat. Rest assured that I am still off the caffeine, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get  my energy from natural B vitamins and other minerals. I will go more into detail on the specific supplements I take in a separate post, but for now suffice it to say that fish oil, women’s multi, and glutamine have all become part of my daily vitamin vocabulary.

On my Worst Enemy and Best Friend in the Gym

Readers, say hello to the StepMill Machine, a.k.a  the toughest piece of cardio equipment in the gym. Designed to be a never-ending cycle of steps, this is the machine that makes my legs and tush burn, my lungs ache, and my body break out in a sweat the likes of which it has never seen before. Oh, and did I mention that it torches calories? Yep, count me a fan of this particular machine.


What are some of your favorite reading materials, exercises, supplements? I’m all ears!

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