Fragrance Friday- Bulgari Jasmin Noir L’Essence

For this edition of fragrance Friday, I’d love to call attention to a previous review of a much cherished scent, Bulgari’s Jasmin Noir. Newly released in a limited edition form, Jasmin Noir L’Essence sees a decidedly darker, smokier, more intense version of the original.

Bulgari Jasmin Noir L'Essence

Light versus Dark

Femininity versus Masculinity

Deep versus Dainty


Since the dawn of time, existence has been punctuated and even defined by the strong nature of duality. We live in a world where balance and symmetry reign, and where even the most subtle tipping in one direction results in complete and utter chaos. The joining of two very distinct elements into one cohesive, exquisitely delicate unit affords not only a sense of beauty, but also a deep sense of awe. When opposites attract, and two become one in perfect harmony, the end result is a crafted piece that both intrigues and inspires. When applied to the worlds of scent and fragrance, this elemental theory of opposites and balance becomes crucial, and even more profound. A great fragrance will embody equilibrium, demonstrating a rare kind of beauty. The result is a sensory experience that is both poignant and beautiful.

Bulgari Jasmin Noir is one such example of a perfectly crafted fragrance, a rich, silky, sensually mysterious scent that combines seemingly opposing elements into one captivating, beautiful whole. This is a scent made for the woman that embraces her own strong sensuality, and wears sophistication, poise, and confidence like a chic, satiny gown. The scent is quite powerful, a combination of rich floral and wood that settle into the skin like a rich, velvety cape.

Classified officially as a Woodsy Oriental, Jasmin Noir is infused with notes of pink pepper, bergamot, Sambac Jasmine, almond, licorice, tonka, myrrh and precious woods. More than any other elements, it’s the jasmine and wood that stands out to me the most. The overall effect is provocative, sexy, and alluring.

As with the original, the bottle is a beauty, a rich black, opaque flacon adorned with a gilded cap (this time glittering with black rhinestones) that features Bulgari’s signature. Inky and dark, yet soft and curved, this bottle is as much a mirror of contrasts as the fragrance itself.

A study in the nature of duality, Bulgari Jasmin Noir is a rich, exquisite fragrance that embodies the essence of sophisticated femininity, and combines it with a silky, sensual sex appeal. Bulgari Jasmin Noir L’Essence is available for a limited time, both online, and at a fine fragrance counter near you.

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