Take a Sensory Journey with Barista Prima Coffee

Steaming, hot, and full of rich flavor, there is nothing more satisfying on a cold wintry morning than a cup of just-brewed coffee. Truth be told, I fall in love with my Keurig brewer more and more, with every new K Cup blend that I sample. With just one sip of any one of Green Mountain’s many varieties, I am invigorated on so many levels.

Keurig Barista Prima

This month, Keurig is taking me on a gustatory journey, straight to the heart of Italy with its Barista Prima coffee blends.  Enter the small, nondescript Italian coffee shop, and the barista extraordinaire. In the Barista Prima shop, there are no airs, no pretenses, only rich, robust, heavenly coffee.

Barista Prima coffees are for the true coffee lover, full of deep, complex flavors. Available in four varieties (Italian, Colombian, French, and House Blend), each K Cup Portion pack envelopes each and every taste bud in a coffee-induced sensory experience like no other.

Here I am gushing, but allow me to offer up a discount code, exclusively for my readers! Simply log on to GreenMountainCoffee.com, and enter code AM0015-3599. Now through December 15th, that code will give you 15% off the entire store, and free standard shipping. Not bad at all, if I do say so myself.

You can find all of the Barista Prima K Cup Portion Packs, in addition to some other amazing offerings, all on the Green Mountain Coffee Website.

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